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About 107.1 K-HITS

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107.1 K-HITS  is really a lot of great music you haven’t heard in a long, long time.  And all music that hasn’t been on the same radio station since, say, the ‘80s.  We call ‘em “Superhits of the  ‘70s and ‘80’s.”  Mostly because … they are!

Well, 107.1 K-Hits is like a reunion where only the cool people came.  People we hung out with in the late ‘70s and’80’s, like Elton John, Blondie, Billy Joel, Fleetwood Mac, America, Michael Jackson, The Romantics, Journey and The Doobie Brothers. Also really cool people like Tracy & Margo, Barry Lewis, and Bridget Bonde.

Granted, the last ones don’t sing.  (Trust us, you’re better off that way.)  But yep, Tracy & Margo are here, too.  I mean, when it comes to inviting cool people, we couldn’t think of anyone better than southern Idaho’s long standing number-one-ranked morning show for grown-ups. Barry does more than just hold down the mid-day fort... of course, the guest list doesn’t just include celebrities. It includes YOU!

Thanks for listening to 107.1 K-HITS, Superhits of the 70’s and 80’s.

Nampa, ID

at 0 mph

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