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CAT ATTACK - Talented Cat giving High Five

Not just one, but 3

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cute cool cat high five

Creative firefighter takes a kitty rescue to the next level.  Potential Sundance Film festival winner.


It's not worth watching it all, but it helps to watch some of the suspense.

Cat, Human Bond With Adorable Trick



If you're a cat with a snap-happy owner, look away now.

After cat beards, in which people hold cats around their chins to look like fluffy beards, the new internet craze is 'catfros'.

Unfortunately for the hapless moggy, this means being plonked on top of your owner's head to resemble an afro, while someone takes your picture.
















See if you can suck someone into watching this


 I thought you'd be out longer.

 Thought I saw a mouse on your blouse.

See more on Pinterest.  Tracy and Margo Born to Laugh board



As internet memes go this one is definitely the cat's whiskers.

Bearding involves holding a hapless moggie in front of one's face to give the impression of a glorious, luxuriant beard. And believe it or not, it's catching on.

Some pet owners prefer to simply hold their cats up horizontally for a quick Grizzly Adams imitation, but to others this is little more than cheating



Leon here will see your cat opening one door and raise you himself opening FIVE doors. 


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