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Burnt toast cleans teeth and other food myths debunked, a RainBolt, nose hairs, Daily Page

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Common Food Myths Debunked!
We've all heard that eggs are bad for your heart and high fructose corn syrup is a no-no, but are these popular beliefs really true? Editors of Eating Well magazine set out to debunk some of the biggest myths regarding food, with some surprising results. First off eggs. While it's true they are high in cholesterol and cholesterol contributes to clogged arteries and heart attacks, saying that they are bad for your heart is quite a leap. For most healthy people, the cholesterol we eat doesn't have a huge impact because the body can compensate by manufacturing less cholesterol. Saturated fats and trans fats do more to raise cholesterol and eggs only contain 2 grams of saturated fat and no trans fats. Another myth is that high fructose corn syrup is worse for you than real sugar. The makeup of HFCS is almost identical to table sugar or sucrose and calorie-wise, it’s the same as sucrose. Another huge myth is that microwaving food zaps all the nutrients out of what you're eating. In reality, it's the heat and the amount of time something cooks that affects the loss of nutrients, not the method of cooking, so whether you microwave, grill or bake, you're losing the same amount of nutrients. So basically, it's better to nuke your food than char it to a crisp!  For more food myths debunked, click here.
Here's an odd pairing! Check out this rare picture of a rainbow and a lightning bolt side by side!
City dwellers have longer, thicker, denser nose hairs than country folks do.

Friday, October 1, 2010
THE BUZZ:    No more legal 'Spice' in Idaho - Tamarack's ski lifts will open Dec. 20
See Spot Walk – Saturday – Julia Davis Park
Harvest Festival – Sat & Sun - Idaho Botanical Garden -
Columbus Day Monday, October 11th
Daylight Savings ends Halloween Sunday Oct 31st.
2010 Scarecrow Stroll & Contest – Idaho Botanical Garden
For more detail see Interactive Calendar link        
AAA's Daily Fuel Gauge Treasure Valley Average Prices

Week Ago
Month Ago
Year Ago

DOW CLOSE Wednesday

Data as of Sep 30

Saturday’s  jackpot $ 48 Million
13 44 51 52 55 PB 30 last numbers drawn
MEGA-Millions – $ 32 million Friday
Hot Lotto –  8.17 Million
Entertainment ON TV   Tony Danza goes back to school.
     This time, Tony Danza is there to teach. And, his new reality series, called ``Teach,'' premieres tonight on A-and-E. Cameras were in the Philadelphia classroom all last year as Danza taught 10th grade English.
     There's a new home for wrestling. ``WWE Friday Night SmackDown'' has moved to cable. It's on SyFy. Being on a channel devoted mostly to science fiction should settle any questions about the reality of this kind of wrestling.  
More on the TV tonight link. 
Mavis Staples – Egyptian – Nov            2
Cirque du Soleil - Alegria:
12 performance Nov. 4th – 7th.
Taco Bell Arena
Opening at the Box office
Hatchet II
The Social Network
 READER BOARD-Hardcover Fiction       
Top 3
1. SAFE HAVEN, by Nicholas Sparks
2. FREEDOM, by Jonathan Franzen
3. WICKED APPETITE, by Janet Evanovich
Non-Fiction  1. THE GRAND DESIGN, by Stephen Hawking and Leonard Mlodinow
Advice-.  1. THE POWER, by Rhonda Byrne. THE FIVE LOVE LANGUAGES, by Gary Chapman
Sports   Boise State at New Mexico State Saturday
SUNRISE 7:41           SUNSET 7:27
Yesterday’s Hi- 92 Today’s 91
Treasure Valley Air Quality Condition
Green  48    Outdoor burning allowed

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