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Avoid the flu clean your sheets; Daily Page

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Cleaner Sheets Can Lead To A Healthier You!

Nobody likes to get the flu, and we all want to take as many precautions as we can, but did you know a simple thing like washing your linens can help you stay healthy? According to and, washing your sheets weekly in hot water (130 or more degrees) can get rid of dead skin cells which are a breeding ground for bacteria. It also rids sheets of allergy inducing dust mites. Pillows also need to be taken care of. The sites recommend washing them every six months to get rid of germs. It's also helpful to wash comforters every month, while duvets should get a weekly cleaning. It's important to make sure they dry properly so as to avoid mold and fungus. And properly washed towels can stop the spread of staph infections and pink eye, especially since bathrooms are humid, which helps bacteria grow.  Once a week is recommended for larger towels, while smaller, more frequently used ones should be washed even more often.


Friday, October 15, 2010
THE BUZZ:   Rice era (basketball) begins at Boise State - It's The 1-Year Anniversary Of The "Balloon Boy" Incident - Walmart, king of big box stores, looks to fit into a smaller box.


2010 Scarecrow Stroll & Contest – Idaho Botanical Garden
American Heart Association - Go Red for Women Luncheon - Friday – Boise Centre on the Grove
Over 300 women adorned in red will come together on October 15, 2010 to learn how to prevent cardiovascular disease and promote heart health in women.
Daylight Savings ends Sunday November 7th
For more detail see Interactive Calendar link        
AAA's Daily Fuel Gauge Treasure Valley Average Prices

Week Ago
Month Ago
Year Ago

DOW CLOSE Thursday

Data as of Oct 14

Saturday’s  jackpot $ 34 Million
12 22 32 34 46 PB 2 last numbers drawn
MEGA-Millions – $ 72 million Friday
Hot Lotto –  $9.06 Million
New CD Releases
Charleston, SC 1966 – Darius Rucker
Christmas in Harmony – Wilson Phillips
Holly Happy Days – Indigo Girls
ON TV   . Be true to your school.
     The new NBC reality series, ``School Pride,'' shows communities coming together to repair and rebuild their broken schools. ``School Pride'' is the brainchild of Cheryl Hines from ``Curb Your Enthusiasm'' and a producer of ``Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.'' The premiere tonight centers on a middle school in Compton, California. ``Dateline'' is next.
More on the TV tonight link. 
Mavis Staples – Egyptian – Nov            2
Cirque du Soleil - Alegria:
12 performance Nov. 4th – 7th.
Taco Bell Arena
Opening at the Box office
Jackass 3D
 READER BOARD-Hardcover Fiction       
Top 3
1. FALL OF GIANTS, by Ken Follett
2. DON'T BLINK, by James Patterson and Howard Roughan
3. FREEDOM, by Jonathan Franzen
Non-Fiction  1. OBAMA'S WARS, by Bob Woodward
Advice    1. DELIVERING HAPPINESS, by Tony Hsieh  
Sports   Boise State at San Jose State Saturday
SUNRISE 7:59           SUNSET 7:01
Yesterday’s Hi- 76 Today’s 68
Treasure Valley Air Quality Condition

Green   35          Outdoor burning allowed

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