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The Pill To Blame For Women's Jealousy
Men, have you ever found your girlfriend to be overly jealous for absolutely no reason? Well, turns out her choice of contraceptive may be to blame.  A new study shows that sex hormones in the pill can have an effect on how much a woman trusts her mate. Dr. Craig Roberts of Scotland's Stirling University questioned 275 women, aged 17 to 35, who had all been taking various versions of the Pill, attempting to gauge how much they trusted their partner. Those taking brands with higher doses of estrogen were more likely to be jealous. In fact, doctors warn that they could get so jealous it could put their relationships in jeopardy. The women tended to be more possessive and more likely to worry about their husband or boyfriend’s fidelity. So fellas, next time your gal questions where you've been, just blame it on the contraceptive. Of course, you could just be a cheating low life!
Friday, October 22, 2010
THE BUZZ: - British TV reports Bowe Bergdahl alive but still with al-Qaida - though he escaped for 10 days – Oregon creams UCLA 60-13 - Think Boise First coupon book makes it easier to buy local.
Secure your identity day– Saturday– 10a-noon – Kmart parking lot Nampa- FREE SHREDDING
2010 Scarecrow Stroll & Contest – Idaho Botanical Garden
Daylight Savings ends Sunday November 7th
For more detail see Interactive Calendar link        
AAA's Daily Fuel Gauge Treasure Valley Average Prices

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DOW CLOSE Thursday

Data as of Oct 21

Saturday’s  jackpot $ 46 Million
11 12 15 16 28 PB 11 last numbers drawn
MEGA-Millions – $ 101 million Friday
Hot Lotto –  $9.43 Million
ON TV   Jack's uncle can't be trusted.
     Tonight on ``The Good Guys'' on Fox, we meet Jack's shady uncle. He's played by Ed Begley, Jr. He comes to Jack, played by Colin Hanks, with information about an arson. But, there could be some scam involved. A repeat of ``House'' is earlier on Fox.       
More on the TV tonight link. 
Mavis Staples – Egyptian – Nov            2
Cirque du Soleil - Alegria:
12 performance Nov. 4th – 7th.
Taco Bell Arena
Opening at the Box office
Paranormal Activity 2
 READER BOARD-Hardcover Fiction       
Top 3
1. THE REVERSAL, by Michael Connelly
2. FALL OF GIANTS, by Ken Follett
3. FREEDOM, by Jonathan Franzen
Non-Fiction  1. OBAMA'S WARS, by Bob Woodward
Advice    1. THE COMING ECONOMIC ARMAGEDDON, by David Jeremiah
Sports   Boise State hosts La Tech Tuesday 26th.
SUNRISE 8:08           SUNSET 6:50
Yesterday’s Hi- 71  Today’s 65
Treasure Valley Air Quality Condition
Green  35    Outdoor burning allowed

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