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This dog has quite the balancing act! Take a look at Jack as he balances various items on his head.

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Perfectly balancing a pile of biscuits on top of his nose, Australian cattle dog Jack could teach circus performers a thing or two.

Showing perfect patience and poise, the three-year-old dog can balance a range of every day items on his face.

In a series of pictures posted on Reddit by his San Franciscan owners Nicole Lee and her boyfriend Trey, Jack is pictured balancing everything from a football to a frying pan on his head.



Well trained: Jack was taught how to balance a range of items after his owners spotted that he was intelligent from a young age




'We train him by positively reinforcing good behaviours and ignoring the "wrong" ones; basically just a lot of cheering him on.

'He responds really well to praise, so we use that as a reward as well as the ball.'

Nicole and Trey say that they've continued to try and teach their dog more elaborate tricks.

The latest stunt was teaching the dog to close all the kitchen cupboards and open the fridge door by himself.

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