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This is no sammie sub.

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This is the only luxury submarine charter company in the worldSubmarine enthusiasts rejoice! You no longer have to drown your sorrows in super-long sammiches because you don't have access to an actual submersible, since luxury personal sub manufacturer Triton Submarines now has a charter service.

Here's how it works... Step one: order your personal submarine charter. Step two: standby idly on your yacht, and maybe have a money fight to pass the time.

Depending how far you are from Triton's charter HQ in Southern Florida, eventually they'll arrive with your personal sub or subs on their yacht.

Once you've exchanged pleasantries with the Triton crew, they'll lower your vessel into the water.

Next, you get in... Don't forget to shut the door!

And just like that, BAM, you're 20,000 leagues under the sea (or whatever).

Even though you're probably quite a yachtsman, the dudes at Triton will be captaining the submarine.

Which's actually totally fine because, it gives you a chance to make silly faces at all your buds scuba diving outside the vessel.

Then, when the charter's all over, the dudes at Triton pack up their vessel and go home, while you go back to eating delicious foot-long sammiches...

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