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A minute after the Mics are Off - 5/21/10

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You may have some lost money hanging out in the state coffers.  Check out their website and see if your name comes up. 

  May be a Long Road Out of Eden

but it's a quick trip back to Boise for the Eagles.  They've rescheduled the postponed concert to May 30th at Idaho Center. reports that Britain’s Got Talent singing sensation Susan Boyle could possibly appear on next season’s Christmas episode of Glee.


Sources say there’s no word on whether she’s interested in doing the show, but it is an idea that is being pitched.

Today as Tracy told us is Weights and Measures day.  While Margo just happens to store this kind of data (16 Tablespoons to a cup) today's graduates may not have to have that clogging their grey matter.  Yes Graduation is just around the corner.  Click here for Boise's school schedule,   Meridian and Nampa


     SAN FRANCISCO (AP) _ It was announced earlier this week. But the new changes Microsoft is making to its Hotmail service won't be seen by most users until this summer. The Hotmail upgrade for Hotmail is aimed at giving the service an edge over rival systems run by Yahoo and Google. The new features Microsoft plans to roll out will let people spend less time managing their inboxes and more time checking out what is in their e-mail messages. This will be the most extensive overhaul to Hotmail since Microsoft bought the service 12 years ago.


 John Travolta and Kelly Preston are expecting.  The 47 year old Preston and 56 year old Travolta have an 11 year old daughter.  They recently lossed their 16 year old son who died of complications of a siezure.




As everyone knows by now, Wednesday is Simon’s last day on Idol. He is leaving the Fox hit in order to concentrate on his new show for the network The X-Factor. Meanwhile, Access  Hollywood reports that producers offered Elton John $33 million to replace Simon on Idol and he turned them down.
_ The point of ``Lost'': they're lost souls. On last night's series finale, the non-plane-crash reality had the characters running into each other and having flashes of their relationships in the island reality. The other side of lost…..lost revenue from the show’s production.


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