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A Minute After the Mics are Off - 5/25/10

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It’s over. What do we do now? Jack Bauer and the "24" series ended last night. Now Margo can’t give Tracy a hard time for his fanatic love of the Jack Bag, or the way Jack interrogates the “bad guys”. Of course there’s plenty of talk that truly this is not the end of Jack Bauer as a movie is nearly inevitable. And while Jack may the toughest man in the country he is not the tallest. That distinction goes to Igor Vovkovinskiy who is 7 feet 8.33 inches tall


The 27-year-old Vovkovinskiy was measured during NBC's ``The Dr. Oz Show''. He edged out Norfolk, Va., sheriff's deputy George Bell by a third of an inch.
In the "News that Margo Mighta Missed" Tracy had the story of the 88 year old woman who fell into a coma because of too much bok choy raw.   There is an enzyme present in the raw cabbage that cooking renders harmless.  The woman consumed so much she  developed a thyroid condition known as a myxedema coma.   She was trying to control her diabetes by eating bok choy because of its low glycemic index.
Margo loves the idea of re-using and re-cycling that this story show, even though the end of a marriage is always sad.  Here's a guy who's finding other ways to use his wife's bridal gown after she said he could have it and do "whatever" he wanted.  

ON TV Crystal Bowersox and Lee DeWyze have one hour to convince viewers on Fox that they should be the next ``American Idol.''. ``Glee'' comes after tonight's ``American Idol.'' The focus is the music of Lady Gaga.   The competition continues on ``Dancing With the Stars'' on ABC. Erin Andrews, Evan Lysacek (LY'-suh-chehk) and Nicole Scherzinger do a tango.  The winner will be announced on the season finale of ``The Biggest Loser'' on NBC. And, ``Parenthood'' reaches the end of its first season tonight.
Gibbs on ``NCIS'' on CBS goes to Mexico to deal with a drug cartel. ``NCIS: Los Angeles'' is next.  
 More on the TV tonight link.
You may have heard Tracy talkinig about that a new study found that most sun screens actually promote cancer.  The best protection the study says is to wear clothing and stay in the shade.
And when it comes to shade why not swim underneath a giant mantra ray. 
Amazing gas prices are actually on the decline despite the upcoming Memorial Day week-end. 
AAA's Daily Fuel Gauge Treasure Valley Average Prices

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