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So this week-end is the Greek Food Festival at the Greek Orthodox Church at 27th and Bannock. Runs Friday and Saturday and just to get you in the mood....a little Greek Dancing.


Carl introduced us to this invention the Coke Zero and Mento driven -mobile

This guy is scaring away the guys who might eat him. While he looks like a snake to others in his habitat he’s actually a small caterpillar. The Spicebusyh Swallowtail has evolved a large pair of fase eyespots and bold yellow and blue markings to frighten off potential predators.


The 2010 summer movie season has started off with a bang thanks to Iron Man 2 and Shrek Forever After, but that's only the beginning. Here's the Bullsheet's look at what's coming up.
Opening this week:
Sex and the City 2 – The girls are back, and so are the clothes and the shoes, the laughs and the drama.
Prince of Persia: The Sands of TimeJake Gyllenhaal…shirtless…rock-hard abs…where do I buy my ticket?
Get Him To The GreekRussell Brand reprises his Forgetting Sarah Marshall rock star character Aldous Snow, only this time he's totally out of control and Jonah Hill is responsible for getting him to Los Angeles in time for a gig. (opens June 4th)
KillersAshton Kutcher plays an assassin who retires from the job after marrying Katherine Heigl.  Unfortunately he forgets to tell his new wife about his former job.  (opens June 4th)
MarmadukeOwen Wilson voices that big lazy dog from the comics. Sounds like a perfect role for him. (opens June 4th)
SpliceAdrien Brody and Sarah Polley star in what's being described as a genetic mutation thriller. Didn't Brody win an Oscar? What is he doing in crap like this? (opens June 4th)
The A-Team – The lovable 80s action series is now on the big screen, starring Liam Neeson, Bradley Cooper and Quinton "Rampage" Jackson (in the Mr. T. role). (opens June 11th)
The Karate Kid – Wax on/Wax Awful. Will and Jada Pinkett Smith's son Jaden, along with Jackie Chan, ruin an 80s classic. (opens June 11th)
Jonah HexJosh Brolin and Megan Fox star in this Wild West revenge flick based on a DC dark comic. (opens June 18th)
Toy Story 3 – Woody and Buzz Lightyear are back (and voiced once again by Tom Hanks and Tim Allen) only in 3D this time. (opens June 18th)
Grown Ups – A movie starring Adam Sandler and Kevin James with that title…something tells us it's supposed to be ironic. (opens June 25th)
Knight and DayTom Cruise and Cameron Diaz star together for the first time since Vanilla Sky in this film about a secret agent whose job gets complicated when a regular girl gets in the way. (opens June 25th)
The Twilight Saga: Eclipse – The third Twilight flick will have tweens, teens and some adults swooning, as the vampire and the werewolf fight for Bella's affections. (opens June 30th)
The Last AirbenderM. Night Shyamalan is back in this supernatural thriller based on Nickelodeon's animated series Avatar: the Last Airbender. Wonder why they had to knock the first word off the title? (opens July 2nd)
Despicable MeSteve Carell and Jason Segel voice characters in this 3D animated flick about an evil man who wants to steal the moon, until he meets three young orphans who want him to be their dad. (opens July 9th)
PredatorsAdrien Brody and Topher Grace star in a sequel to the 1987 Arnold Schwarzenegger action flick. Again, Brody won an Oscar, right? (opens July 9th)
InceptionLeonardo DiCaprio stars in Christopher Nolan's latest non-Batman flick, about a group of dream thieves. Yeah, we don't understand it either, but we still want to see it. (opens July 16th)
The Sorcerer's ApprenticeJay Baruchel stars as an NYU physics student apprenticing with a modern day sorcerer (Nicolas Cage) as they fight off evil wizards in Manhattan. (opens July 14th)
Dinner for Schmucks – With a title like that, and a pairing of Steve Carell and Paul Rudd, why would anyone want to miss this film? (opens July 23rd)
SaltAngelina Jolie plays a badass CIA agent accused of being a Russian spy. (opens July 23rd)
The Adjustment BureauMatt Damon and Emily Blunt star as a politician and a ballerina who fall in love, until a shadowy group of agents try to keep them apart. (opens July 30th)
The Other GuysWill Ferrell is in need of a hit, so of course he teams with the funniest guy out there, Mark Wahlberg, for a cop comedy. (We're joking about Wahlberg being funny.)   (opens August 6th)
Eat Pray LoveJulia Roberts stars in the big screen adaptation of this book club favorite. (opens August 13th)
The ExpendablesSylvester Stallone rounded up an all-star action cast, for this flick about a team of mercenaries, including Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren and Jason Statham. Not to mention cameos from Bruce Willis and the Governator himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger. (opens August 13th)
Scott Pilgrim vs. the WorldMichael Cera stars as a guitar player whose girlfriend has seven "evil exes" whom he must defeat if he wants to stay alive. (opens August 13th)
Nanny McPhee 2Emma Thompson returns as the ugly nanny with a heart of gold, and magical powers. (opens August 20th)
The Switch – First J.Lo did it, and now Jennifer Aniston stars in a comedy about a woman who decides to go through artificial insemination to have a baby on her own. The twist? Her best friend (Jason Bateman) switches places with her sperm donor. (opens August 20th)
Going the Distance – One-time lovebirds Drew Barrymore and Justin Long play a couple trying to survive a long distance relationship (opens August 27th)

Speaking of movies......From the James Bond movies.....FOR SALE...


The silver 1964 Aston Martin DB5

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