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TODAY'S CONTENT:  Galileo's fingers in museum; Get your face in Space;  Tickling Lion toes; Imagine running 102 miles….now take your shoes off - barefoot runner Todd Ragsdale.  

Tracy mentioned this in the News That Margo Mighta Missed.  Two more of Galileo's fingers are now on display.  They were removed from his corpse by admirers back in the 18th century.  The museum added the thumb and middle finger of Galileo's right hand to a display that already included another finger, a tooth and a vertebra.


 Always wanted to fly in space? Now at least your photo can reach orbit.  NASA is inviting the public to send their portrait into space aboard one of the two remaining space shuttle flights. To participate, upload your picture to a NASA website:  You can select which space shuttle to fly _ Discovery in September or Endeavor, targeted for November. You can also just fly your name, without a photo. After the flight, participants can download a special certificate. A map on the website keeps track of submissions. By Tuesday afternoon, some 27,000 people worldwide had entered their photos _ more than 10,000 in the U.S., 500 in Spain and one in Cambodia.


 It takes a brave man to tickle the toes of a lion! Check out photos of animal trainer Alex Larenty in South Africa giving a delicate paw massage to the king of the jungle!


 Todd Ragsdale is claiming a new world's record for running barefoot. Over 24 hours, he covered 102 miles. That was 413 laps on the track at Oregon's South Medford High. He may need a sole retread. Ragsdale's feet are bruised, blistered and swollen. But he says it's worth it. Ragsdale used his barefoot run to raise money for the American Cancer Society.





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