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 In Today's Blog: Ironman events and rd closures; boots that charge your i-Pod; Bad hair can mean a bad mood.


Expect some road closures in downtownn Boise. The Ironman 70.3 triathlon is tomorrow and starting this evening at 6 South Capitol between Myrtle and Front will be closed thru Saturday night. Then Saturday afternoon Front, Broad and Myrtle between Capitol and 9th will be closed from 4:30 thru Saturday night. The competition starts at 2 tomorrow afternoon with 1.2 miles of swimming in Lucky Peak.  Followed 56 miles of biking and a 13.1 mile run on the Greenbelt. 


 Tracy often refers to getting his dancing shoes at Shoe Carnival, but Margo's pretty sure he doesn't have a pair of these yet.These rubber boots charge your iPod. Perfect for those outdoor muddy music festivals. 12 hours of stomping in the mud gives you an hour of i-pod use.


Bad Hair Means a Bad Mood!?
Believe it or not, your hair can affect your mood! In fact, it can affect your mood for the entire day! Dr. Marianne LaFrance, Professor of Psychology and of Women's and Gender Studies at Yale University, recently studied how people felt when they were having a bad hair day. She found that a bad hair day can increase self-doubt, social insecurities and self-critical thoughts. But more than that, it even affected job performance! And this doesn't just affect women, either. While the fairer sex tends to feel more disgraced and self-conscious or embarrassed, men feel more nervous, less confident and less sociable. "It's kind of a spotlight effect -- you think people are paying way more attention than they really are," said psychotherapist Heather Turgeon, after looking at the study. "Our culture heavily emphasizes appearance. It affects each person differently, and how we look to the outside world is tied to our mood and self image." So those extra few minutes in the bathroom in the morning will pay off throughout the day.

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