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If you don't catch any of the lightning strikes outside today here are some amazing pics.
30 electrifying pictures of lightning and thunderstorms
This gives a whole new meaning to "open bar". 
Starting up your own business can be good - but not the way this guy did it. A transient in California named Travis Lloyd Kevie broke into an out-of-business bar, reopened it and served patrons for two days before being caught! Kevie accumulated around 10 to 12 bottles of hard liquor and several cases of beer and served an estimated 30 customers a day over one weekend. He apparently had the town fooled - a local newspaper did a story on the reopening which quoted Kevie as saying operating the bar was "a dream come true." Cops eventually recognized Kevie from previous run-ins and arrested him. His "dream" was more like a delusion!
A New Kind of Sports "Drink"
Move over Gatorade, because scientists have discovered a new kind of sports drink ... that you don't even have to drink! Scientists believe they've come across a carbohydrate solution that athletes can rinse with and spit out while reaping similar results as from drinking a sports drink. We won't get into the detailed, scientific specifics of how the body works during exercise, but here's the gist: you need carbohydrates for your body to function - especially when exercising for over an hour (think: marathon running). Until now, athletes have consumed sugary beverages, a la Gatorade, or food to get the carbs but this runs the risk of causing cramps. Swishing and rinsing with a carbohydrate solution seems to trigger the brain, which prompts the muscles, which spurs the athlete on ... and all without the cramping. Tah-dah!

Monday, July 26, 2010
In the NEWS: Kuna schools charging $100 per high school sport.
DOW close on Friday
Data as of Jul 23
AAA's Daily Fuel Gauge Treasure Valley Average Prices

Week Ago
Month Ago
Year Ago

Wednesday’s  jackpot $ 67 Million
20 30 38 46 59 PB 27 last numbers drawn
MEGA-Millions – $24 million Tuesday
Hot Lotto –  3.9 Million
EVENTS for more detail see Interactive Calendar link        
Entertainment ON TV - Ali has let a lot of men go on ``The Bachelorette'' on ABC. Tonight they return to talk about it with each other and with Ali on ``The Bachelorette: The Men Tell All.''
   Detectives on ``The Closer'' on TNT find themselves in the middle of a child-custody battle. Jane's mom on ``Rissoli and Isles,'' played by Lorraine Bracco, wants to set up Jane on a date.
More on the TV tonight link. 
Tim McGraw – Idaho Center Thursday; Guess Who – Thursday,Canyon Co, Fair; Jackson Browne - Aug 2 IBG; Chris Isaak-Aug. 11 Outlaw Field  Steve Miller August 12, ERP; Bob Dylan August 15, IBG; John Prine; August 21 – ERP, Blues Traveler – Aug. 21 Donnelly airport; Doobie Brothers – August 24 West Idaho Fair; 38 Special - August 26 West Idaho Fair; John Hiatt & Los Lobos-August 28, ERP. Dave Mathew’s - August 31 
ALIVE AFTER FIVE – Basque NIGHT: Amuma Says No
Wed at the Grove


GREAT GARDEN ESCAPE – Paul Peterson Blues Club - blues-Thurs at Botanical Garden
Shakespeare Festival -  A Midsummer Night’s Dream thru July 30; An Ideal Husband  July 16 - August 27
Starlight Mtn Theatre – Thoroughly Modern Millie. June 26th - Aug. 21st
Tops at the Box office
  1. Inception
  2. Salt
  3. Despicable Me
  4. The Sorcerer's Apprentice
  5. Toy Story 3
 READER BOARD-Hardcover Fiction       
Top 3
2. FLY AWAY HOME, by Jennifer Weiner
3. THE SEARCH, by Nora Roberts
Non-Fiction  1. THE OBAMA DIARIES, by Laura Ingraham
Advice-. 1. WOMEN FOOD AND GOD, by Geneen Roth- 1. WHAT TO EXPECT WHEN YOU’RE EXPECTING, by Heidi Murkoff and Sharon Mazel
SUNRISE 6:28           SUNSET 9:14
Yesterday’s Hi-102 Today’s 97
Treasure Valley Air Quality Condition is
Moderate  54           NO Outdoor burning allowed

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