Enable The K-Hits Skill in Your Alexa app

Don't have an Echo or Echo Dot? What are you waiting for?

To enable K-Hits Alexa skills:

Open the Alexa app, go to the menu, and select Skills. Or, go here.

Browse for skills by category or use Search to find a specific skill.

When you find a skill you want to use, select it to open the skill detail page. Then select the Enable Skill option.

Tip: Some skills may require you to create an account or subscription with the skill provider, or link your existing account/subscription.

If notifications are available, use the slider to turn them on or off.

After you enable a skill, you can ask Alexa to open and use it--just say, "open [skill name]."

There may be different or additional instructions for using the skill. You can refer to the skill's detail page for examples of things to say, and to learn more. If you need help with a skill, you can also say, "[skill name] help."

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