Triple Cash Double Dare

We Double Dare You.

Smart.  Smarter.  Smartest!   That’s the formula, when 107.1 K-HITS breaks out the Triple Cash Double Dare!  It’s a “you pick the category” three-question quiz.  Get one right, earn fifty bucks.  Keep it and walk, or risk it for DOUBLE the money. 

Walk with a hundred, or go ALL THE WAY for a chance at TWO hundred dollars.  But miss ANY question along the way and you’ll have nothing to show for it, but the embarrassment. 

Play the K-HITS Triple Cash Double Dare!  Weekdays at 8:40, 1:40 and 4:40 starting Monday 9/17.  Only on 107.1 K-HITS, Superhits of the ‘70s & ‘80s!



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